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Air pollution refers to the release of various pollutants into the air we frequently breath that are absolutely threatening to human health and the whole planet.One of the causes of polluted air as well as the vehicles and factories’ smokes is the Uncleanness of your Air Ducts.
People who ignore duct cleaning need to be aware of the consequences of a dirty environment including heart diseases & failures, asthma, lung diseases, emphysema…
Some of the several signs that your air ducts need cleaning :

•The substantial visible mold growth inside your ducts or on other components of your cooling or heating system.
•The infestation of small insectes and pests.
•Ducts are clogged with big amounts of dust and small debris.
•Unexpected respiratory problems
•A dusty home no matter how often it gets cleaned
•The climbing of your heating and/or cooling costs
•If the air conditioning coil is dusty or has dust clinging to the housing walls.

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