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Aircare Now estimates that the typical home loses up to 20% of heated and cooled air through flaws in the ductwork and Dryer Vents. Although the idea of rooting around behind the walls, under the floors, and in the ceilings of your home to access your ductwork may sound like biting off more than you can chew, there are some simple things you can do as a homeowner to give your existing ductwork a fighting chance at doing its job better.

Aircare Now Recommends These Fixes:

Move the furniture:

    It may sound silly, but you’d be surprised at how much impact a sofa or bookcase can have on your heating and cooling if it’s blocking a room’s supply register or return vent. Remember that heating and cooling is largely about air circulation; anything that obstructs circulation makes the whole Air ducts and HVAC system work harder and decreases the overall output.


Have A Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Dust and dander buildup in the actual ducts of your home can impede proper airflow, help breed allergens and bio-contaminants, and blow debris and pollutants into your living spaces as well as your HVAC units. Consider having your ducts cleaned by an HVAC professional.

Take Care Of Minor Air Duct Repairs

    If you have access to some of the ductwork — in an attic, crawlspace, or unfinished basement — inspect the joints where pieces of ductwork are attached to one another. Pieces that have become obviously disconnected or have visible gaps, kinks, or punctures are leaking air and keeping it from getting where it truly needs to go.

Reconnect the fittings and seal any gaps either with duct mastic (similar to spreadable spackling) or with UL-approved metallic foil tape.

Insulate Your Air Ducts

    Builder-grade ductwork can be horribly inefficient, allowing lots of heat or cooling loss through the thin metal of the ductwork itself. Insulating or sealing your ducts can make a huge difference; there are products that you can use to wrap your existing ducts, or you can buy insulated ductwork to replace a problematic section.

For Air Duct Cleaning Services:

      There are many other factors that can contribute to dust in the home. If you’re having these issues, don’t hesitate to call an Air duct cleaning pro you can trust. They’ll take your specific situation into account and help come up with a game plan to make your home low-dust and low-maintenance.

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